I am a highly experienced facilitator. Honed over many years designing and leading workshops for Senior leadership teams and their people.

What Facilitation is:

Facilitation is the art of creating a space for others to engage, contribute, collaborate and create. Facilitation does not seek to tell or control the outcome. It listens to what is being said, and seeks to bring forward what is not being said. Facilitation is fearless, it holds the groups feet to the fire, keeping them focused on their purpose and the behaviours which will best support them to achieve the results they want.

What Facilitation is used for:

I facilitate sessions of all kinds for my clients: Leadership group development days, Board/senior team strategy workshops, learning and development workshops, cross functional team creative sessions and network events. The content of these sessions are always as unique as the people who are a part of them. Some designed to confront issues and reality with honesty, to test out concepts and build ideas, to build relationships and deepen levels of understanding, meaning and trust, to hear alternative perspectives and work through conflict to make sharper, clearer decisions. Whilst the type of dialogue may be different, the role of the facilitator is always the same: to provide neutral, unbiased challenge and support for all individuals in the group to be heard, reflect, share, align and learn.

How I work:

I am a strong believer in setting a clear purpose, tangible outcomes and behaviours right from the start: bringing outside stimulus in and challenging existing assumptions in order to drive creativity, new ways of thinking and working: and in doing so, creating experiences for teams that deliver lasting results in both what they do and how.

My skill is in:

  • creating clarity
  • an atmosphere of connection and trust
  • facilitating creativity
  • bringing an energy to make things real
  • having the courage to say it as it is

For more on the Workshops I facilitate, and the principles which underpin them

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What people say:

“Nic has worked with me with on designing and delivering a series of change workshops with and for senior leaders in this business. Nic’s role was to take us on or turn our thinking towards a change journey. She challenges our thinking and was our coach at various challenges in the business, her adaptable and extremely intelligent approach is admirable, and consistent.

She has a warm, sincere and trustworthy approach, which challenges yourself to bring out the best in you, never providing solutions but always pushing the individual or team to establish what they think is achievable and encouraging that goal pursuit, supporting at every turn.

Through our working relationship, Nic regularly coached me informally. Nic has a kind and at the same time professional approach, and can provide meaningful development in a non-judgmental way, which I value very much.”

Justin Phillips, Senior Operations Hutchinson Ports

What people say:

“I have worked with Nic on many occasions over recent years and value her as one of my most important external associates. Initially Nic spoke at one of our senior networking events, giving her insight into the importance of clear communication and trust within organisations which was truly inspiring. We then engaged Nic to facilitate our annual strategic review, proving to be a great support in our growth and my leadership. During the last year I have worked with Nic to deliver a unique HR Directors Leadership Program and witnessed her excellent facilitation skills. She has had some great experience which she is willing to freely share in an informal, practical and believable style, avoiding jargon and gimmicks. Her solutions are bespoke, pragmatic and creative; a refreshing change from the prescriptive, modular formulas offered by mainstream consultants.”

Emma Gunton MD Waddington Brown Talent Management Consultancy

What people say:

“Nic is so much more than a facilitator. She gets under the skin of conflict and issues and challenges the people she’s working with to resolve them. She’s a great coach because she listens and really hears, understands people their motivations and core, driving values and works with these to gain successful results. I’ve worked with Nic on both an personal and team development point of view and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Tara Gear – Sales and Marketing Director (NEC Group)

What people say:

“Nic has recently been doing some work with an Executive team for me, to help us get our strategy straight in our minds and begin working effectively as a team. Thanks to her brilliant insights and constructively challenging facilitation style, the team now has a clear and purposeful strategy we have rolled out to the wider management team. It’s also been really evident to me how behaviors have started to change, as the team has really started to think of themselves as a team as opposed to technical specialists in their field.

I have now worked with Nic several times and would always engage her specialist skills whenever I’m doing development work with an Executive team. She never fails to get the best from people, whilst pushing them to be the best they can be.”

Lizzy Firmin HR Director Harwich Haven Port Authority

What people say:

“Nicola has an amazing ability to sense the atmosphere in a room and take appropriate action.She is excellent with people on a one to one basis and has a natural coaching style. She always speaks common sense and is very intuitive. Also, Nicola has a great commercial awareness and drives decision making with a clear vision in mind”

Niall Phelan MD Founder

What people say:

“Nic is an inspiring leader – she has the ability to think differently and communicate that at all levels to motivate and take people with her. In sessions, she coaches and facilitates to ensure every team member is with her and has a voice. This coaching is not without challenge which actually makes it even more engaging as it delivers better, faster results with purposed outputs. She works with fiery determination and purpose and has a natural way of connecting with teams and delivering the ambitions.”

Sarah Padden Head of Insight, Marstons PLC

What people say:

“It was a pleasure meeting Nic as she safely guided us through her Building Effective Working Relationships class. It was exactly what I needed although not what I anticipated as a result (isn’t that the way life can be?) and really reminded me how a small issue can prevent growth if ignored. So, thank you very much Nic, I admire your work and salute your professionalism.”

Genevieve Walden Crisis

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