My Clients

I have been fortunate to work with a very diverse range of great clients: from the NHS, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services to global giants in FMCG, shipping, pharmaceuticals and events.

  • Ofwat
  • Norfolk and Suffolk Police
  • The Nec Group
  • Gilead
  • British Sugar
  • MSC
  • St Helena Government
  • Essex Fire

Whilst their customers, competitors and the markets they operate in might be very different, my clients all tend to have a few things in common: a desire to move from good to great, to look at current and future challenges and opportunities with openness, creativity and fresh insight and to drive collaboration and alignment amongst their senior teams in pursuit of a vision, strategy and goals that have both clarity and meaning.

Some clients come to me because they have a specific challenge to overcome, driven by people or process. Others because they want to put longer term development plans in place for their leaders and senior commercial teams.  I am happy to work with both.

Most important of all my clients want a trusted partner who will really listen to and get to the heart of what it is they need, who can build strong relationships quickly with all stakeholders and design simple, impactful, bespoke solutions that get them the results they are looking for, fast.

That, simply, is what I do.

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If you would like to explore how I might be able to support you, your team or organisation please contact me.

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