I teach the mindsets, skills and practices which support leaders to engage with Head and Heart

What I do:

I design and facilitate bespoke learning and development interventions for Senior Teams. The modules and programs I teach might look different for each client, but hold the same core principles of simplicity and empowerment at their heart:

  • I teach simple practical tools that work, which makes new concepts easy to understand, retain, use with impact outside of the training room.
  • I encourage teams to learn from each other, work on live issues together, create action learning groups and support partnerships which last outside of the classroom.
  • I focus on role modelling to embed mindsets and practices from the top down, training leaders to be able to apply and share what they learn with others within the organisation, to pay it forward via mentoring and coaching which facilities empowerment and continuous learning, development and growth for those both inside and outside of the training programme.

Driving High Performance

What I offer:

The workshops I offer are designed to develop senior leaders to lead with Head and Heart. Leading themselves, others and the organisation with greater clarity, creativity and emotional intelligence. I have a core team of talented development professionals I bring in to work alongside me to support where the size of the group benefits 2 or more facilitators/coaches, and/or where insights profiling works as a solution to support team and self awareness.

Leading Self:

These modules are focused on mindset and emotional intelligence, to support greater self awareness and self mastery, and work on a principle that if we are to lead others to best effect, it pays to learn how to lead ourselves first. To show up at our best, more of the time. To identify where, when and how we can build our confidence and ability to influence (and what can get in the way at times). To be really clear on our strengths and how to leverage them, to be able to define our personal brand and how articulate this clearly to others.

Leading Others:

These modules are focused on relational intelligence, to support leaders communicate, collaborate and connect more powerfully with their stakeholders. They are built on my core belief in the importance of trust in driving value and high performance in teams. And my experience that relational intelligence is something we can all learn in order to experience more joy and balance in our lives and work. I teach practical skills and tools which support us to drive greater honesty and integrity in our relationships. To listen to what is being said and not said, to clear up disconnects and conflicts that show up in all of our relationships from time to time. To lead clear, purposeful and productive meetings that others really enjoy being a part of. To encourage others to think, create, make decisions and learn from mistakes and successes (without simply telling them what to do, which is at times tempting in the short term but rarely builds capability in the long term).

Leading the Organisation:

These modules are focused on strategic and cultural development. To support senior leaders to step back, look up and out, think wider, identify what can be learned both from the past and outside the organisation in order to drive creativity and resilience in plans, processes and practices that are fit for the future. The workshops I teach in this space focus on real challenges and support leaders to drive alignment, produce a practical output they can communicate out to stakeholders whilst learning tools which will build collective capability and confidence.

What people say:

“Nic has supported various members of the team across the last year in multiple capacities, from facilitating strategy meetings with our Exec leadership team to delivering whole company workshops. I’ve personally partnered with her on developing and delivering a Coaching Training Programme, and she’s really helped push me out of my comfort zones.

Nic is truly inspiring and will forever be someone I would turn to for support and guidance. Her integrity and true love for what she does shines through in her energy and you know she just gets it.”

Amii Shepperson, Agile

What people say:

“Nic has worked with me with on designing and delivering a series of change workshops with and for senior leaders in this business. Nic’s role was to take us on or turn our thinking towards a change journey. She challenges our thinking and was our coach at various challenges in the business, her adaptable and extremely intelligent approach is admirable, and consistent.

She has a warm, sincere and trustworthy approach, which challenges yourself to bring out the best in you, never providing solutions but always pushing the individual or team to establish what they think is achievable and encouraging that goal pursuit, supporting at every turn.

Through our working relationship, Nic regularly coached me informally. Nic has a kind and at the same time professional approach, and can provide meaningful development in a non-judgmental way, which I value very much.””

Justin Phillips, Hutchinson Ports

What people say:

“The Art of Feedback course that Nic has created really gets to the heart of why giving and receiving feedback can be uncomfortable, and why feedback is so important.

Nic creates a safe space that allows participants to get comfortable with being uncomfortable about feedback, and she inspires individual’s to openly share this in the room. Observing this, I saw real shifts in individual’s behaviour, that helped them to reconnect with the rest of the team and build relationships – this was very powerful to watch.

The real value in Nic’s work is when the results happen outside of the room. When participants are empowered to share feedback as part of a normal day practice, and where we have then heard the impact it’s made on both the individual and the wider team..”

Josie Copsey Coach / Management Drives Facilitator

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