Go/don’t go you choose

I was co facilitating with a great trainer a couple of months back. The group had an issue with doing what they said they would do, which included being on time. Someone walked in 20 mins late to the training with a Starbucks in hand and said “oh sorry I’m late”.

“No you’re not” he said. Which did make the guys eyes widen slightly. Not to mention the group.

After an elongated pause he went on: “you’re not sorry, you just decided something else was more important instead”.

He had a point. And funnily enough after that one conversation no one was late again during the training.

Committing to being on time is most of the time a choice (barring dramatic and unforeseen circumstances out of your control like an accident on the way to work!).

Time is precious, yours and others. And I can’t tell you how many times I work with leadership groups who moan about the amount of time they spend / waste in meetings. Many of which they and their colleagues don’t really want to be in.

So maybe today is the day is to be honest about it and choose: Go, don’t go, be on time, give it your best and be finished earlier and watch the energy and outcomes lift!

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