What can we give to help out?

What can we give to help out?

I have always loved the Pay it Forward concept.  Giving which passes on. 

Last week on Linked In I came across 2 sources of inspiration which had this principle at their heart.

The first was the release of a report entitled The Kindness Economy written by Queen of the High Street, Mary Portas. In it she lays out best practice for retail brands wanting to thrive in a consumer culture which prioritises people, the planet and profit. In that order.  Her TED talk spells out her vision.  The Kindness Economy Report is downloadable.

The second was a post written by an L+D professional working for Pret a Manger. She was about to be furloughed and put out an offer to give her time to facilitate a call to connect anyone open to work and/or anyone who felt called to join the group to give what they could.  I did, and not only found a face I knew – a former client and HRBP when I was a Sales MD @ Molson Coors – but a group of really interesting people all of whom had gravitated to her call.

It got me thinking.

About the groundswell of energy that I sense provides the silver lining to this year – our interconnectedness (has there ever been a time when the entire world was facing the same limitations at precisely the same time?) and our sense of community.  Belonging matters, even more so when we are isolated physically.

So I wanted to see what I could do, to share the work of friends who are all doing their bit to facilitate connection, support others and build communities on line.  If you know of people doing the same I would love to hear from you.

  • Tamsin @ Little French Retreat is a great inspiration of mine.  If you, like me, would like to come out of this lockdown a little fitter and healthier than the first, you can follow her on Instagram for stunning simple home cooked food and dates for new on line YOGA class offer which start this week.
  • Lou @ Complete Business Bureau is a proof reader/editor and virtual assistant. Having run an award winning network for VAs for many years, she is teaming up with a former colleague from the events industry to create a community for small business owners.  Starting with a podcast for those who may have faced redundancy and are at a career cross roads, thinking about starting their own endeavour.  Sign up here.
  • Emma @ Waddington Brown runs an HR recruitment consultancy and networking events for HR professionals. She has been a client, creative partner at different times, more recently we pooled our strengths to create a team and a programme for organisations wanting to facilitate innovation and create a coaching culture, so that energy and actionable ideas are more readily ignited from the inside out (less reliant on them coming top down).  We have a joint webinar coming up on 2 Dec.

Finally I wanted to say thank you.

Earlier this year I put a call out for help. To ask the leaders I have worked alongside, and for, over the course of 25 years or so, to share their insight and experiences of coaching and feedback which underpinned the Book I wrote during the first lockdown, The Mindset of Encouragement.

It is a book which is designed for those wanting to lead organisations where Heart Leadership is prized, rewarded, recognised and role modelled. Heart Leadership that is clearly anchored in shared values which bring out the very best in others: care, compassion, kindness, humility, collaboration and authenticity. Heart Leadership which facilitates transparency, teamwork and trust. That encourages and empowers others to take responsibility for themselves and to take care of each other. Heart Leadership which promotes a sense of balance, perspective and equal exchange in outcomes: health and wealth, profit and service to society. For others. We not I.

I have 10 copies I would like to offer up, so that you can nominate someone as a GIFT. Simply send me an email with their details and I will send them a copy.  

Hope to hear from you, and any other examples of support, connection and community building you are seeing and valuing at this time – I am pretty sure this will be the way we will see ourselves, and each other, through.


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