The Mindset of Encouragement

How to lead with more power and less control

This book is a practical guide for anyone wanting to lead with a lighter touch that has more power. Not the kind of power that comes from hierarchy, rank or titles. But the kind of power that comes from trust, alignment and responsiveness.

Power that evokes freedom and connection.

Power that encourages both ourselves and others to step forward, to have a voice, to give, create and work at our best, more of the time.

Power that encourages us:

  • to lead with more confidence and presence
  • to support those we work alongside to feel a greater sense of ownership
  • to create a culture that facilitates and celebrates creativity and collaboration

The Mindset of Encouragement looks deeper at the invisible forces, at our values and beliefs, which underpin how we choose to structure, make decisions and get things done in our Organisations. Through real life stories it lays bare the say do gap. The language of most organisations, no matter what sector, centres on empowerment and trust, and yet in reality as leaders we can struggle to show up in a way which creates either. It also outlines the qualities, practical skills and simple frameworks which can support any leader wanting to genuinely engage, inspire and empower others (and micro manage less).

So for anyones who believes in the power of collective alignment, trust and agility in driving results and the pace at which they can be realised – this book will show how this can start with you.

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Nicola Crisp – Head and Heart Leadership

What others say:

“This book takes its reader on a journey. It starts with helping leaders define their challenge and context, delving into fascinating insights around how different organisations and styles of leadership work (or don’t!) and the effect this has on teams and individuals. Having read this, I’ll alway be mindful of generational traits and how they effect the needs, wants and values for those who make up a team. As the book progresses, Nic discusses coaching techniques she’s tried and tested with many teams, but they’re explained in a way that inspires confidence in those ready to lead in a certain way, with a focus on empowerment. Like her first book, neat, logical sections are summarised with key questions which help consolidate the work and learning. It’s the type of book you’ll make notes in! I can’t help but think about all the leaders who are standing at the precipice of change in 2020 looking for new ways to step-change their teams and businesses, who would really benefit from reading The Mindset of Encouragement. The tools and ideas in this book are empowering in themselves and they help define the type of leader we should all aspire to be.”

“Having had the privilege to work with Nic as a Mentor and Coach, I found this book a great reminder of key elements to find your best self in your own Leadership journey! Nic has the ability to keep the messages clear, allowing the reader to recap and reflect and feel ready to simply put theory in to practice…a must-have read for Leaders at any level!”

“An authentic and inspiring book that’s packed with energy and ideas. It treats you the reader in exactly the best ways a coaching Leader is described throughout its pages – as having options and power, as being cared about and valued, and as having your individual circumstances recognised and acknowledged”

“Beautifully written, easy to read, with practical exercises and brilliant thought provoking questions for self-reflection. Am I fixing the right problem? What would people say about me as a leader? What would I want them to say? What can I do to be the leader I want to be? And how does that align to the organisation I am in? I related to this for the leaders I work alongside and myself, and post-pandemic, Nic’s book comes at just the right time.”

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