Respect is earned honesty is appreciated

Respect is earned honesty is appreciated

I had some interesting feedback last week from a client I walked away from: He (the HRD) really appreciated your honesty. No consultant has ever said Im not for you to him before and he really respected you for it.

Good to hear but slightly sad that honesty is not the norm in such situations. It can be easy though when invited to pitch for work on an interesting project/company/brand to succumb to the desire to win, to impress, prove. The same happens in an interview, as the MD of a recruitment consultancy once said to me: “people get so tied up trying to say the right thing and prove how good they are that they forget an interview is a 2 way street and an opportunity to assess whether the company is right for you”. A fit for you is as important as whether you are right for them and ultimately costly if you end up nailing the interview but finding out shortly afterwards that your values don’t match or that beneath the gloss of the marketing pitches on both sides, you are faced with a very different reality.

Listen skilfully however and in a short space of time you can learn a huge amount from what people say, what they don’t and the subtle shifts in energy that signals you have hit on something important and worth exploring. Realness has a resonance and a depth you can feel. Disconnects are pretty easy to spot too. Calling them out I guess is the bit that is not so common – and yet appreciated.

So who knows where our paths may cross again in the future. When and if they do, the most important foundations will already be in place.

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