Insights from world class organisations

The source of the process I use comes from years of working alongside and leading Top Dog study tours to observe the world’s most consistently successful organisations.

What is common amongst these companies is that they are delivering sustainable share holder value and importantly, against a broader definition of success, creating trusting relationships and value with their stakeholders: employees, consumers and customers. What is also common about these companies is that they organise themselves from the inside out, driven by the actions and behaviours of their top teams.

Key insights:

  • Leadership teams in these top performing companies spend significantly more time getting really aligned than ordinary companies.
  • Leaders in these companies see it as their job to create the heart of the company then create the conditions and culture that both brings this to life and invites others to step forward and bring it to life for themselves. They see culture as key driver of competitive advantage. Role modelling the values and heart of the company by the top team is passionately held which means that the creation of strategic direction is regarded as anything but a purely intellectual exercise.
  • There is a huge degree of semantic confusion where one man’s vision is another man’s mission and goals which can lead to much frustration. This offers an opportunity to provide clarity, meaning and alignment for teams wishing to embark on their own journey to develop their Inner Compass.


  • Alignment
  • Connection
  • Clarity and Consistency
  • Timely decision-making
  • Engagement and Trust
  • Speed of execution
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Story to pass on to employees
  • Legacy that lives on

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