The Power of Self Esteem

Awaken self esteem in you and others

This is one of the most transformational courses I did as part of my development as a leader: my purpose going into it was to support those I led in being more of who they truly are at work – I got this and found much more for myself: I understood for the perhaps the first time the extent of the unconscious demands that had driven me for years in my career: what I was attaching my own esteem to and what it was that I really wanted more of in my work for myself and others. This unique 2 day course provides a safe confidential environment with other professionals and leaders to explore and express what you are thinking, what you want, how you feel and importantly transform how you see yourself and the choices available to you.

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The Power of Connection

Transform relationships at work

I will be introducing a new course for leaders in 2014 which provides essential skills and tools required to effectively engage and build trusting open and honest relationships with others. So where self esteem looks at your relationship with you, the power of connection looks at how you can transform the relationships you have with others at work. Whether that be Line managers, peers, your team, customers or suppliers.

Taught in small groups only this course is available as part of your in house development for leaders and as an open course available to Commercial and HR professionals from a range of companies and industries

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What people say:

“This is a brilliant professional liberating insightful course – full of lightbulb moments – would I recommend it? Yes as the benefits are life changing”

“This was a powerful experience that changes lives – the pace allows your true self to emerge and it has made me realise that it is ok and Im not alone”

“Nic leads the course very sensitively and with great skill”

“This is a powerful and thought provoking course which enables you to discover who you really are and what prevents you from being you – excellent well worth it!”

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