Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global shipping giant and the UK’s largest container shipping and logistics provider, connecting UK businesses to the world.

The brief:

To provide an external sounding board and injection of creative, challenge and support for the Exec and Senior team to reflect, align and innovate

The programme:

12 month programme of Exec Coaching for Board members

Facilitation of team building and alignment workshops with senior stakeholders

Facilitation of People Strategy Development workshop

The Impact:

“In our fast-growing Organisation, volumes, costs and revenues derived from the economy and industry activity makes it paramount that we continue to evolve our culture, keeping our traditional values but modernising how we do business both within the Company and with our customers and suppliers.

Recent years have brought transformation from a digital perspective, coupled with changing employee expectations about how an Organisation like ours interacts. Our multi-generation business now wants different things all at the same time. We needed to encourage this development to allow the flexibility that is needed to win on so many fronts. We addressed organisational design, governance and communication and it was critical that we sought professional support to help navigate this pathway, using skills and experience from other business experiences either from the past or in today’s world.

Based on recommendation, our Senior Management Team met with Nic Crisp to navigate our full plans. Working on a one-to-one basis and in team settings, Nic’s engaging methods and ability to hold an audience through complex agendas and opinions have helped us see the light in a motivational and fun way.

As one of our Company Values we are in ‘continuous evolution’ and using skills of this nature to keep us on track, individually and as a team, has had a true value.”

Dan Everitt MD MSC UK

I have worked with Nic Crisp for the last 2 years as part of our leadership development programme.  Nic is a true expert in her field and quite simply, just brilliant to work with.  Through engaging delivery and ability to connect with the team, Nic was very quickly able to understand us and make a meaningful difference.  We are on a journey and very much looking forward to continue our partnership.

Emma Bradbury Head HR MSC UK

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