Stamford Schools

Stamford strives to offer an outstanding, contemporary education in which students develop the ability to think for themselves and to interpret the world around them. Their purpose is to give young people the opportunity to thrive: to help them be the best version of themselves, to become rounded and grounded individuals ready for the next chapter of their lives.

The brief:

Stamford Schools have a long and prestigious heritage, going back to 1532, where traditionally boys and girls were educated separately during their senior school years.

In 2023, the Schools went through a programme of change to bring the Girls and Boys High Schools fully co-ed in order to support their higher purpose, to prepare young people to lead happy and fulfilling lives in the 21st Century.

The brief focused on supporting the newly formed leadership team to align, problem solve and communicate the change programme with their stakeholders.

The programme:

Understanding Strengths: provide 121 support for each member of the team to reflect on their strengths, style and preferences and behaviours when at their very best and not at their best. Management Drives behaviour profiling used with the support of my associate, Josie Copsey.

Facilitated workshop to explore the collective strengths and preferences to drive greater awareness and confidence in self/others, celebrate strengths and diversity of style brought by members of the team, strengthen relationships across/up the organisation, with practical opportunity for team work and creativity.

Diagnostic sessions 121 to bring to the surface any residual integration issues to overcome, and facilitate ways of working to support greater alignment.

Facilitated Exec workshops to drive alignment on vision, strategy, people, structures and culture. Provide a space for reflection and communication between members of the newly formed Exec team, away from day to day operations.

121 Exec Coaching sessions for Senior team.

Art of Feedback:  designed to teach the core leadership skills and mindsets which facilitate open honest 2 way communication, designed to support a smooth implementation/integration for go live.

The Impact:

“Nic joined us at a time when our organisation was attempting the biggest re-structure of its 450 year history. This involved bringing together leadership teams that had worked grudgingly alongside one another but with distinct distrust and far too much compromise. With her upfront style and relentless questioning and challenge, Nic managed the almost impossible by uniting us; instilling better, more honest and open feedback and communication whilst getting us to appreciate the different skills and attributes of each individual member. She encouraged us to “upskill” and learn new ways of approaching issues; helping us to identify when we were “at our best” and how to remain there, and use that energy, despite what we might be dealing with. It was quite emotional and exposing – but this was work that needed to be done and Nic helped us through it, by understanding our individual vulnerabilities and strengths. With hindsight, we needed her earlier in the process – but she still managed to work her magic. She encouraged us to find what we needed to make the organisation move forward for the sake of our stakeholders, not simply what we were prepared to endure! Her help and guidance facilitated more effective decision-making and better teamwork along with a more purposeful and professional environment where individuals began to thrive – and from which the team, and organisation, have ultimately benefited. Nic never tells you what to do – as with any great coach, she encouraged us to reflect on what we wanted and helped us formulate our own solutions – and then often asked us why, if we thought that way, we hadn’t done it yet!! The team is not yet perfect – but it knows it is working towards the same goal and it communicates more fully and effectively. The impact and outcome of Nic’s work have been far, far better than anything we might have achieved on our own.”

Vicky Buckman, Head Girls School

“Delighted to recommend Nic. We worked with her over the course of a year as we merged two management teams. She managed to engage everyone; but was honest, challenging and thought provoking. She’s not going to give you the answers on a plate, but somehow asks the right questions so you find your own answers. Sometimes it might feel uncomfortable, but she made us reflect and I think we’re better for it. Would be more than happy to work with Nic again.”

Dean White, Bursar Stamford School

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