The Power of Connection

Helping you to build greater levels of trust and connection at work

What is it? A unique course for Organizations wanting to support high potential leaders to enhance their ability to build strong trusting relationships in work place: to learn the skills and tools that will enable them to drive alignment consensus and agreement: overcome conflict and work more openly and creatively in the teams in which they work and lead.

Insight:  living the stated values of the company: alignment on a clear compelling strategy and the ability to build trusting relationships really define the most important characteristics of those leading extra-ordinary companies: whether you look at the strength of relationships with their customers and consumers: open and honest relationships between the leaders and their people: collaboration and partnership with their suppliers or the communities in which they operate – the leaders of extra ordinary companies all value the importance of stakeholder engagement: of listening and responding to the needs of others: of partnership and of creative possibility.

I also know first hand from leading Sales teams that when it comes to successful selling it is fairly simple: people buy from people: people that they trust: that they feel understand them: who listen to what it is they need and who present options and solutions that match these needs and wants in a way that creates a win win – the bottom line is we all want to feel heard – and it is a skill to learn that really can transform inspire trust, momentum and great results.

What does this course offer? A safe environment for individuals work on specific relationships which if unlocked could be transformational to your productivity, engagement, results or peace of mind: whether this be a relationship with a line manager, your peers, team or clients and customers: to explore how to learn how you can overcome and work through misunderstanding, differences and conflict: you can learn from past experiences: stop repeating patterns that are not working: learn the skills to listen to others deeply: challenge and speak up so you are heard: express what it is you want clearly and identify new possibilities going forward – The workshops are run experientially over 3 days with space between day 2 and day 3 in order to practice what has been learnt.

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Cost: £650 +VAT with money back guarantee.

Dates in 2014:
Mon 31st March; Tues 1st April; Mon 7th April.

Location: Suffolk Food Hall Ipswich


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