The Power of Self Esteem

Helping you to build your confidence to create the life you want, challenging and overcoming what gets in your way.

What is it? A unique course for Organizations wanting to support high potential leaders and professionals to develop their emotional resilience: to learn the skills and tools that will enable them to lead with increased confidence and awaken the confidence of those they lead.

Insight: maintaining competitiveness and driving performance in todays market place is demanding for those in leadership positions with change and challenge a feature of corporate life. Stepping into leadership for many signals huge opportunity, reward and growth at a personal level. However it also requires commitment hard work and a willingness to take on significantly higher levels of responsibility. Driving performance engagement and motivation of a team can at times be stressful and emotionally testing. Great leadership requires attention to both rational and emotional levers to be role modeled. It also requires attention to the feelings and needs of the team and individual at a personal level: to get under the skin of what lights them up and what gets in their way in order to inspire trust, momentum and great results.

Understanding oneself as a leader:  what lights you up and what gets in your way is key to both leading authentically and unlocking the potential in others.

What does this course offer?  A safe environment for individuals wanting to enhance their confidence to lead themselves and others authentically: to explore and express what they are thinking, how they feel and transform how they see themselves: their relationships at work: the balance between their home and work lives: challenges they face in any of these areas and importantly their response to it. Participants will explore how from an early age our worth is often attached to how others see us, our achievements and what we do and how patterns developed at this time can repeat unconsciously throughout our lives. They will learn tools and skills that will enable them to break these patterns: demands of who they think they have to be and beliefs as to what they fear they might be in order to develop a clear sense of who they really are, what matters to them and what they want for themselves and their work. Cd’s accompany the course to deepen and reinforce learning post-course.

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Self Belief

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Cost: £500 +VAT with money back guarantee.

Dates: 12th 13th May 2014

Location: Suffolk Food Hall Training Room Ipswich


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