I facilitate a range of Workshops that support experiential learning for Senior professionals in a confidential environment. Workshops which support strategic alignment and share the mindsets, skillsets and practices of Head and Heart leadership. For teams who wish to drive results in a way that inspires, engages, enables and empowers others

Workshops for Leaders who want:

  • to listen with more empathy and presence

  • give and receive insightful actionable feedback with confidence

  • learn the mindsets and skillsets of coaches and facilitators to empower more

  • embed the practices of innovators, including the art and importance of learning from failure

  • create more freedom for their people to operate within a clear and aligned framework

All are designed with the same key principles at heart:

Practical vs. theoretical: I facilitate insightful learning experiences that support leaders to learn new approaches, put them into practice, share feedback, collectively make decisions, review and learn from successes and mistakes away from the day to day in a safe learning space.

Simplicity: I use simple practical tools that work. This makes them easy to understand, retain, use day to day and pass on.

Leveraging strengths: I believe that we lead more powerfully when playing to our strengths, and that understanding exactly what our strengths are, and celebrating what is working well, is key to maximising engagement and results.

Responsiveness: I believe that being agile and able to flex to the needs of the stakeholders and their issues, wants and needs improves impact and effectiveness vs. one size fits all, one way tell, off shelf solutions.

Role modeling: I use and work the same tools I teach, and encourage role modelling to embed mindsets and practices from the top down.

Encouragement: I train leaders to be able to apply and share what they learn with others within the organisation, to both pay it forward and encourage independence rather than dependency.

Click here to see example workshop outlines:

Create Your Inner Compass

Leading Creatively

The Art of Feedback

Facilitating Culture Change

Aim, Plan, Do, Review

Coaching for High Performance

What people say:

“I found the HR leadership forum to be both challenging and supportive at the same time – in equal measures! I believe the whole experience has made me a better leader, as it gave me the time to reflect at just the right point in my career and really pushed me to think about ‎strategic level issues from a brand new perspective. The small group sessions meant that the experience was tailored to us specifically, which really led to open and honest conversations about real life situations. Nic and Emma provided structure, facilitation and humour which really helped us as a group to engage and motivate each other to make changes to our working lives in an incredibly positive way. I would highly recommend this forum to any HR leader who wants to invest in themselves and their careers to really take that next step- whatever that next step may be. ”

Lizzy Firmin, HR Director Home Office Border Force UK

What people say:

“One of the key takeaways from the Forum has been the realisation of the need to spend time and money on my own self-development: at senior level you don’t tend to do that because you’re often too busy ‘doing’, so you don’t take time out to reflect, grow and develop yourself. The Forum provides the space and opportunity to hear from others, share examples and experiences, and relate to common issues. My involvement has certainly inspired me to make changes and to do things differently…..Honestly I love coming to these sessions which is in some ways more like personal development than HR. It is a reflection of your style. Both Nic and Emma are very warm, very genuine and this is what makes the programmes as effective as they are. You make no judgement and that is very hard to find.”

Bryony Godfrey, HR Consultant NHS Trust Colchester

What people say:

“As an HR professional, you’re so focused on developing others that you rarely make time for yourself. So, when Nic told me about the Forum, I could see the advantages of giving myself some ‘me time’ to meet like-minded professionals to share best practice, ideas and learn from one another. Since joining my confidence has improved. I’m quite self-critical and it was reassuring to see that other HR experts were experiencing, or had experienced similar situations to me. A major part of this was being able to discuss sensitive matters with others who just ‘get it’ and with Nic and Emma leading the sessions, it created an environment of trust, where we could be open and honest. What I didn’t expect from the Forum was some of the speakers that Nic and Emma bought in for personal learning – the networking was brilliant, and in particular a session on mindfulness was excellent for me. The programme has empowered me to make changes and I have since moved to a new position with increased responsibility which I am really enjoying. I no longer feel isolated in my role. I have a group I can call on should I have a question, and vice versa.”

Emma Burgin HR Business Partner NEC

What people say:

“I have worked with Nic on many occasions over recent years and value her as one of my most important external associates. Initially Nic spoke at one of our senior networking events, giving her insight into the importance of clear communication and trust within organisations which was truly inspiring. We then engaged Nic to facilitate our annual strategic review, proving to be a great support in our growth and my leadership. During the last year I have worked with Nic to deliver a unique HR Directors Leadership Program and witnessed her excellent facilitation skills. She has had some great experience which she is willing to freely share in an informal, practical and believable style, avoiding jargon and gimmicks. Her solutions are bespoke, pragmatic and creative; a refreshing change from the prescriptive, modular formulas offered by mainstream consultants.”

Emma Gunton, MD Waddington Brown

What people say:

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great conclusion yesterday. I have personally thoroughly enjoyed the journey and really benefitted from your expertise, input and clarity. Sincerely thank you to you all and the fabulous content and facilitation Nic and Emma!”

HR Director, 2016 HRD Forum

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